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Britney Spears Baby Photos PDF Print E-mail

Britney Spears Baby Pictures

I don’t want to offend anyone – really, especially when Britney’s fans are a million gazillion in this Universe. But I think that Britney Spears is a wreak. Just when she just started to get famous in the 90s, I didn’t like her a bit. There’s just something really wrong with this girl – and I was right. She has had so many failed marriages, kids with no father, frequent emotional breakdowns, weird and temperamental behaviors, and while all those were happening, she still pretended to be ‘The Innocent Virgin Girl’. I think she should join a reality TV show, really, I’m pretty sure her series will hit the roof of the Empire State building.

Here are some pictures of ‘innocent’ Britney Spears with her kid, and the ‘weird and temperamental behavior’ Britney Spears:

britney spears baby

britney spears sexy

britney spears baby picture

britney spears baby photo

Khloe Kardashian PDF Print E-mail

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian certainly is in the spotlight these days. I’m not really a big fan of hers either, but I don’t know what’s the fuss being generated by the media. Still, she does has a hot little mama sister of hers which has big boobs and a-humpa-humpa-ass, Kim Kardashian, which I want to nail badly like Kate Walsh.

Here are some photos of Khloe (in case you don’t know which one is her, she’s the fat, bigger size one):

khloe kardashian

khloe kardashian sexy

khloe kardashian photo
Keanu Reeves PDF Print E-mail

Keanu Reeves The Day The Earth Stood Still

He’s ‘da man! Love all the movies that he made – especially The Matrix Trilogy. Well, he certainly has all the talent that Hollywood will ever need. Although movie critics weren’t really happy with his latest movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still, as it suck, still I’m thinking that it’s a job well done.

Here are some photos of Keanu Reeves:

keanu reeves

keanu reeves the day the earth stood still

keanu reeves sexy

Kate Walsh PDF Print E-mail

Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh is seriously old, er, I mean mature. I’m not really her big fan but I’m guessing that she’s like 40 something. Nevertheless, it’s amazing how she still can beam out this stunning look of hers, which makes me wanna ‘nail’ her myself, make her my best friend. :-)

Just look at Kate Walsh beautiful, elegant and charming face:

kate walsh

kate walsh pic

kate walsh photo

kate walsh picture

kate walsh sexy

kate walsh sex

Angelina Jolie Baby Photos PDF Print E-mail

Angelina Jolie Baby Pictures

Back when Angelina Jolie started her career as a ‘disturbed’ and ‘crazy’ hot chick, nobody knew that she was going to be Hollywood’s hottest mama.

Not only she has adopted so many kids from various parts of the world – she’s also the wife of Hollywood heartthrob, Brad Pitt.

She’s rich, she loves kids, she’s pretty, she’s got a body to die for – You definitely got my vote as the world’s most eligible (ex-eligible, after you married Brad :-) ) women.

Here are some photos of Angelina Jolie and her kids.

angelina baby picture

angelina jolie baby

angelina jolie baby pic

angelina jolie baby photo

angelina jolie baby pictures
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